1. Talking Meal

You are looking for a person …

– who can listen to your stories, your works, your worries, your anger, sadness, happiness which have been  making you feel stressed…… and can share as well as give your some usefull advices while noone you can trust or share with.

– who can meet, and share life experience, working, culture, custom, life perspective …ect. 

– who can talk and share stories with your in your free time when you have noone to feel comfortable to share with.

The service: Face-To-Face talking  – Individual -> Online or Talking Meal

2. Rent-A-Friend Service
The working environment of this service is effective, clear and legal , which is arranged or organized professionally and trully by OFV. 
Do not hesitate to contact to us to arrange the Individual Talking you expect with professional services from us.


Sophia Nguyen
The OFV Director
OFV Services in Vietnam
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