When individuals or families are traveling and working in Vietnam, you all wish to have some supporting from  emergency cases : 

# Unexpected cases

# Saving time

# More effective & less risk



– Helping some emergencies of your health problems at hospital.

– Supporting you at hospital whenever you need.

– Helping you work with the government officers when you have lost personal stuffs or problems

– Cooking for traditional Vietnamese Foods at your home if you are busy or want to enjoy it

– Cooking traditional Vietnamese Foods as you book

– Preparing & Cooking traditional Vietnamese Foods short-term or long-term at your home.

– Teaching to cook traditional Vietnamese Foods at your home 

– Teaching or preparing Vietnamese food at weekends with you.

– Needing the supporter for your business or work.

– Needing Vietnamese interpreter immediately in emergency cases

– Answering wondering questions you haven’t found yet in Vietnam

– Teaching riding motorbike 

– Sharing with your personal time or being as a tour guide in traveling either Ho Chi Minh City or other Cities or around Vietnam

Advise or consult the basic and common laws of Vietnam government for foreigners when working, living and travelling in VN.

– Babysiting

– Nany

– Housework Service

– Nursing

– Psychological Listener

– Dating Meals for professional ones like you are expecting to exhcange (knowledge, culture, custom, …ect)


– City Tour

– Sightseeing Tour

– Food Tour

– Shopping Tour

– Nightlife Tour

– Sai Gon Street Food Tour

– Biking Challenge in Jungle

– Sai Gon – Get Away – watching the sunrise – (See the dawn and start the journey by rowing SUP)

– Rustic traditional Vietnamese meals cooked with wood

…. ect ……


OFV always has the professional supporters appearing to the right places you need or help you any emergency cases you are looking for.


Sophia Nguyen
The OFV Director
OFV Services in Vietnam
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Skype: sophia.ntk
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